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“At 45 years old I somewhat reluctantly went into therapy to address anxiety and depression issues. My entire adult life I have been rather skeptical of this kind of treatment. However upon meeting Stephanie and experiencing the initial sessions I have changed my opinion. I’ve been continuing with treatment for over a year now and am a firm believer in the effectiveness of therapy. Stephanie provides a safe, open, and nurturing environment that allows you to feel comfortable in sharing your thoughts. At the same time, she provides guidance by not telling you what to do but rather how to look at things in order to make decisions that are best for you. All the while, reserving any judgment. I would recommend this for anyone experiencing personal issues. I wish I would’ve sought help much earlier.”

“When my husband and I first came in to see Stephanie for couples counseling we were exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally from trying to navigate a culmination of difficult issues on our own for many years including depression and a set of overly involved in-laws that were destroying our marriage.  Stephanie’s enduring patience, compassion and ability to remain impartial allowed us to open up and increase our communication in a positive manner.  Stephanie helped us learn how to navigate some incredibly difficult and painful issues, set boundaries in our marriage and personal life and begin to heal from the wounds of our past.  Utilizing the resources and skills that Stephanie offers was one of the best things we could have done as a couple; she has left an indelible mark on our hearts and forever changed the outcome of our life.  We now have a joyful marriage that we are happy to be in.  We can’t recommend Stephanie enough, you will not be disappointed!”

“A little over a year ago I discovered my husband was having an affair and I sought professional help. I met with two therapists before meeting Stephanie Neidermyer and during my first visit with the other two therapists I knew they were not a good fit for me. When I met Stephanie I appreciated the way she listened to what I had to say. She made me feel comfortable in the worst period of my life. We worked to set reasonable goals and checked in on those goals throughout the year. Stephanie challenges me, but she is very intuitive and respects my limits.

Therapy was something I was nervous about doing at first, but I soon found myself looking forward to going and spilling my emotional garbage. I appreciate the way Stephanie listens! I also love the perspective she brings to our sessions. She often sees situations in a different way than I do and I am able to process what I am going through with another perspective in mind. I am also impressed with what Stephanie can recall from our previous sessions. She will remember names of people in my life and even little events that happened weeks ago. This makes me feel like she is invested in my therapy.

Stephanie has influenced my life in a very positive way and I enjoy my sessions with her. My life and my goals have changed a great deal since I started seeing Stephanie and she has encouraged and supported those positive changes.”

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